Perfect Smoked Brisket

Cook Time 13 hours
Total Time 13 hours


  • 1 brisket


  • Smoker


  • In the morning, build a fire in the firebox of the smoker. I'll start with a chimney of lump charcoal as the starter, then use whole logs of firewood for the rest of the day.
  • Wash the brisket off, pat it dry, and apply liberally with a spice rub.
  • Place on smoker, larger side closer to the firebox, and meat thermometer in the middle. Try to keep the smoker around 225°F.
  • Cook all day until it stalls, around 135°F (9 hours).
  • Wrap in foil or parchment paper and move to 225°F oven. Cook until 190°F internal, about 4 hours. Total cook time: 13 hrs
  • Turn off oven, don't open it, and leave it until the morning.
  • In the morning, build a fire in the firebox of the smoker. When it holds steady around  225-275°F, take the brisket out of the oven, out of the foil and put on the grill. Leave it for 3-4 hours while the bark (outside of brisket) crisps up. The oven made it soggy. There should be some juices left in the foil. Either pour it over the brisket or reserve for making a sauce.
  • Cut it up! Start at the small end, cut slices against the grain. When you reach the point where the top and bottom having grain going different directions, cut through the middle and separate these two muscles, then cut them individually. Serve

Published on February 17, 2020